Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ripper 1981... the letter to the editor that started it all

I had seen an interview in Ripper fanzine. It was with a guy named TIM YOHANNON who had a radio show called MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL. I thought Tim came off as an asshole, and I wrote a letter saying so. It was printed in this issue:

Tim Yohannon contacted me after reading the letter, inviting me to write for MRR. I agreed, "as long as you print whatever I write."

"It's a deal," said Tim. We were friends from then on. I saw him whenever I visited San Fransisco.

Here's the Ripper letter. Click on it if you can't see the whole thing.

Tim's wishes were respected by editors after his death, until Mariam Bastani took over. At that time I was fired for a column, after being promised "we'll tell you if there's anything we object to."

This was two years ago. The editors have changed, but Tim's wishes go unrespected.


If you'd like, you can write to the current editorial cabal: And tell them what you think.